Choosing our I AMs

 When we think about the process of creating an apparel line, I’m reminded of questions such as;

-What were we thinking?

-Why did we choose this direction?

-How did you narrow it down to these statements?

    Let's start at the beginning...
    What were we thinking? This is such a great question because right back at the start it seemed like such a simple project to create a line of clothing to share with the would what you wanted them to know about God. But then questions spill out into suppliers, product quality, design styles and very soon you are trying to get back to the core of your intention. Which simply was to help and inspire others to share about Jesus.

    The direction almost chose itself. Well, maybe a better explanation is that God has assisted us each step of the way. It might sound a little strange to some, but we find when we ask Him the how’s, why’s, where’s and when’s of life, ministry and business, He helps us. We have had many a conversation about the creation of our apparel, but honestly, at the centre is peace and agreement. Almost like the team is bringing their piece of the puzzle and then helping to find its precise fit.

    Which really brings us to narrowing down what to include in the range. There are so many statements we could have included in the I AM range, but we settled on three to begin with:

    - I AM Hope

    - I AM Salvation

    - I AM Light

    As the team spoke about the project, we very quickly settled on the three statements and the three verses we partnered with them. The tech, suppliers and specific design elements have taken a little longer to settle upon. We have seen God lead, help and inspire us each step of the way. Our hope is that as you partner with us, you to will experience His leading in new and clear ways as you step into any new adventure you pioneer with Him.

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