Prayer: who do you talk to?

Expect Miracles! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever ~ Hebrews 13:8.

Just as we saw Jesus perform miracles during His time of ministry in Scripture. So can we believe that Jesus can still bring healing, freedom and deliverance to peoples lives today. He is able to change lives and circumstances. God is so SO good.

Are you believing for a miracle. Be encouraged today of the power of praying to a Holy, Righteous and Victorious God.

He is never out of range, He never ghosts us, He never ignores our calls or forgets to message back. In fact He never sleeps nor slumbers so no matter what time you need to talk to Him - He's there !

I'm not sure what today holds for you, but invite Him into it. Why not ask His opinion on the matters which are on your heart ~ you might just be surprised by the way He shows you His heart on those matter 🤩.


A little about us...

Our heart is create comfy apparel with a two fold inspired purpose. To encourage and remind the wearer of simple Biblical truth, while also opening up conversations with those who’ve never heard that God changes lives, situations and circumstances.


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